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Tel . No - 040 - 27902316, 27902190.
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Sealed tenders are invited under Three Bid System (Prequalification Bid, Technical Bid and Price Bid )
From manufacturers or their authorized distributors/dealers for purchase of following items at

S.No. Name of the Item                                              Qty.              Total EMD
DENTAL CHAIR /UNIT WITH ATTACHMENTS,   1 EACH              Rs.30,000/-

Tender for these items must be submitted accompanied with Earnest Money (EMD) against the item in the form of Demand Draft in favor of O/o the Additional Director,
CGHS, Hyderabad-500016.
While submitting tender, Bidders must submit, Prequalification Bid comprising of Registration no.
Proof of their being manufacturer or their authorized distributor/dealer of the required equipment.
VAT/CST/ST No, PAN No. and EMD in one envelope. Technical Bid in 2nd envelope and Price Bid in 3rd envelope clearly marking the contents on the outside of each envelope and these three envelopes to be sealed in a single big envelope indicating envelopes contained in it. Price bids of only those tenders will be opened subsequently who will qualify technically. Date and time will be intimated on later date.
In view of the urgency of requirement the successful bidder shall supply the equipment within one month of placing the order.
The undersigned reserves the right not to accept the lowest quotation and to reject all or any quotation
without assigning any reason thereof.
The specifications, terms & conditions in this regard are in annexure-1 and annexure-2.
If there is any dispute it will be subject Hyderabad jurisdiction only.






O/o the Additional Director, CGHS, Begumpet, Hyderabad.500016.





Specifications for Dental chair/unit and attachments:
A. With Over Head Continental delivery system consisting of:
1. 3-way syringe (sterilisable)
2. 3-way assistant syringe
3. 2 high speed terminals with 1 being air, Switzerland fiber optic air rotor (titanium based air rotor) H/P with quick disconnect coupling and 1 one mini head air rotor H/P(400000RPM) with straight and contra angle hand piece.
4. 1 Air micro motor terminal with H/P
5. LED light cure unit
6. Infection control system with Non retraction valves (Bio-system) & removable and autoclavable holders protecting hand pieces.
7. Latest foot operated light of 20000 and 2500 lux
8. Medium vacuum suction and canula only for high vacuum
9. Water system rotable.
10. Dental chair with independent up and down movement.
11. The synchronized movement between the seat and backrest with TRENDELNBURG position.
12. Headrest with SEESAW movement suitable for Paediatric patients.
13. Auto return to zero position
14. Two programmable working positions
15. Spitting and last position
16. Lock the movements
17. Emergency stop control
18. X-ray viewer with  light generated by LED
19. Arm rest option of fixed, lateral 90 degree swivel available
20. Multifunctional foot control (base fixed or mobile)
21. Doctors stool with adjustable backrest tilt includes an adjustable rim ( 2 doctors stool)
22. Operating voltage 105V to 250 volts (specially designed for Indian condition )
23. Maximum height 90 cm-minimum height 45 cm.
24. With Gear Motor.



B. Compressor (one No)

Oil free medical grade (Noise free) suitable for driving the dental unit.

C. Integrated Electro cautery

1. Electrical isolation
2. Liquid proof
3. Monitoring of natural electrode
4. Obligator grounding5. Mono bi-polar floating output circuit.
5. High frequency quartz output stabilizer.
6. Safety control system with automatic power cut off in overheating conditions.
7. Digital mode selection. : cut/coagulation, bi-polar coagulation.
8. Autoclavable mono polar hand pieces, 6 tips, cable, electrode and ground plate.
9. HF output current stabilization according to applied load.

D. Air polishing unit with the following specifications.

1. The hand piece can be separated from the cable and should be made of special plastic. And stainless steel parts to make it complete non toxic and wear resistant.
2. It should have a transparent bicarbonate beaker to check the level of the powder.
3. Water heating and automatic temperature control(35 C)
4. Facility to eliminate the powder from all the internal tubings, hand piece included, thus avoiding clogings.
5. Independent regulation of water and air flows.
Should be supplied with : cable, foot switch and autoclavable hand piece.

E. Piezoelectric Scaler (Fiber Optic) (One No.)

1. Based on piezoelectric technology.
2. High power turbo mode and low power perio mode.
3. Having torque, tool for tightening of the tip.
4. Having titanium tip adapter.
5. Automatic smart power feedback control3.
6. Basic vibration frequency of 50 KHZ and
7.Four tips and one endodontic kit.

F. Motorized suction(One No)

Having direct drainage system.




G. Water distiller with 5-10 liters per hour capacity with the following:

1. Quartz distiller, Demountable boiler.
2. Panel box and stand to accommodate regulator and electrical supply, clamps etc.
3. Quality of distillate-pyrogen free PH-6.9- 7.0 High purity, low conductivity.
4. Distilled water should be heavy metal, salts,pyrogen and iron free.
5. Specific Conductivity at 25 deg C less than 0.4 X 10.6S/cm Glass material (or Chemical inert material).
6. Equipment should be thermal shock proof.
7. Gas vent should be there to remove volatile impurities leaving the condensate free from gaseous impurities.
8. Automatic low water cut off.
9. Tubing should be made up of good quality rubber( heat resistant).
10. Wiring of the equipment should be enclosed in case.
11. It should have deconcentrator a bleeder device on the evaporation that constantly removes a part of the boiling water from it so that the cumulative concentration of non volatile impurities in the water is prevented.

H. Hand piece cleaning system:

To automatically and correctly clean and lubricate all high speed hand pieces, low speed hand pieces, and air motors before autoclaving.
The system with automatic cycle cleans and lubricates high speed and / or low speed hand pieces, plus air motors.
The system should have pneumatic operation and should have 3-ports to maintain all hand pieces brands. Easy oil filling with oil indicator.

I .Auotoclave


User/Technical/ Maintainence and inspection from the manufacturer.

Certificate of calibration and inspection from the manufacturer . (copy of the certificate issue by CE etc.)

List of Equipments available for providing calibration and routine maintenance support as per manufacturer documentation in service/technical manual.







Terms & Conditions:-

1.       An undertaking to be provided by the principal/manufacturer of the system for availability of spares for ten years from the date of installation.

2.       Suppliers are also required to produce CE/ISO/IEC certification/Declaration for each equipment.
Power input to be 220-240vac, 50Hz with Indian plug.

3.       Standards. Safety and Training:
Medical device class2 type B/BF for electrical protection for the cautery. Should comply with medical device class1 type BF, in conformity to the requisites of Directive 93/842/CEE for the air polishing unit.
Should be FDA,CE,UL or BIS approved product. The Comprehensive warranty for 5 yrs.
Comprehensive warranty only for the duration asked.
The comprehensive warranty will include manufacturing defect and consumable as well as non consumable spare part of the machine i.e, any defect has to be taken care of during warranty.

4.       Five years annual maintenance contract with and without spares to be provided by the firm for complete system including third party items.

5.       Short listed bidders will have to give demonstration of quoted model before finalizing the evaluation of their bids.

6.       List of installation of the quoted model (national and international ) to be provided.

7.       Supplier should have service center at Hyderabad.

8.       Firm should supply original data sheet for confirmation of technical Specifications.

9.       Data sheet should be highlighted point wise with respect to technical specifications.

10.   In view of the urgency of requirement, the successful bidder shall supply the equipment within one month of placing the order. If not EMD will be forfeited.

11.   The undersigned reserves the right not to accept the lowest quotation and to reject
All or any quotation without assigning any reason thereof.